The Taekwondo uniform

    Do you want to start in this martial art? This is the indispensable equipment to practice Taekwondo, everything you need for a taekwondo practitioner.

    Before embarking on the adventure of the foot and hand path, make sure you are prepared to start and train like the professionals.

    The Taekwondo uniform or dobok will be part of you, it will be your training clothes on the path of life, and it will accompany you as far as you want to get in this martial art.

    There are different types of dobok, for daily training and for competition (kyorugi) or for forms (tulle or poomse), you will see which one or which ones are for you.


    Let’s start by explaining the parts of a dobok, basically it is composed of two pieces, the jacket and the pants, accompanied by a ti or belt that indicates the degree of the participant.

    Dobok for competition or kyorugi

    The competition dobok or kyorugi are usually reinforced and lightweight to resist the onslaught of an arduous fight, and the rapid movements you can make.

    They are usually composed of 65% polyester and 35% cotton, a mixture that allows mobility and freshness to the taekwondo practitioner.



     Dobok for shapes or poomse

    The traditional thing is that the dobok go in white or black, however in some specialties of Taekwondo other colors are also accepted such as gold, dark blue, red, brown or others.

    The main feature of these dobok is that they are heavier and stiffer to give more sound to the shapes or poomse.

    Dobok for training

    This is a simpler type of dobok that you can use for a while for training, it is common to have 65% polyester and 35% cotton.

    They may or may not be approved by any federation because they are usually only used for training, local competitions, etc. and they are usually cheap dobok.



    What is the difference between a WTF dobok and an ITF dobok? In fact they are very similar, but you can differentiate them because the dobok for the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) the collar of the jacket is V-shaped, while for the International Taekwondo Federation (ITF) the jacket can be open. Another difference is black edging at the base of the top. You can
    also recognize the logos of each federation that are embroidered in different parts of the dobok.

    Taekwondo breastplate or hogu

    It is an indispensable part of the equipment for Taekwondo, without the breastplate or hogu the training and the Taekwondo fights would probably be very hard and both opponents could be injured.

    There are with shoulder protection included, reversible (double side), with closure of straps or clasp and in various sizes, for adults, youth or children.

    Taekwondo breastplate or hogu

    Shin and instep protector for Taekwondo

    The powerful kicks of the taekwondo practitioner need to have protection on the shins and the insteps, especially so as not to hurt themselves or the other competitor.


    There are many brands, but if you are not going to compete you can choose one that is not approved, the essential thing is that its shape is anatomical and adapts well to your legs and check that the closure or bra is comfortable.

     Forearm protector for Taekwondo

    To resist attacks and blockages without feeling any pain, forearm protectors are very useful and there are also in multiple brands.

    Before buying one you should check that its shape fits comfortably and that they are very resistant; they also come by sizes.

     Taekwondo jockstrap

    An essential part of the kit for Taekwondo is the jockstrap, there are for men and women, both genitals must be covered.

     Taekwondo shoes

    Taekwondo shoes are light and fresh, they can be with laces or without laces, and they must be high quality and resistant shoes.

    The most advisable thing is that they have a rubber sole and polyester and cotton interior, you can choose between several colors and sizes.


     Taekwondo Helmet

    Taekwondo helmet is an indispensable part of the equipment for this martial art, it will cushion the blows that you could receive during training or competitions.
    They are commonly made of foam coated with plastic paint or polyurethane, with velcro closure and with reinforcements at the height of the ears; they also come by sizes.

     Taekwondo Hand Mit

    These Taekwondo accessories are very useful for training the kicks with the strength that will be used in combat without hurting the coach or partner.

    The Hand Mit or Palchagis are held with one hand and used for precision or speed training Currently the models of mits or palchagis of the Protec brand are the most valued by taekwondo trainers for their high quality and resistance.

    These supplements are necessary for Taekwondo training, but the most common is that they have them in training gyms. Some Taekwondo practitioners acquire their own to train at home
    or in parks with partners.

     Taekwondo gloves

    Connect the best punches without hurting your fists, that’s what Taekwondo gloves are for competition. There are several models, closed and with bare fingers.

    They are mostly made of elastic fabric and vinyl or foam coated with plastic paint, it all depends. They also come by sizes.

     Taekwondo backpacks

    Finally, somewhere you have to store all your equipment for Taekwondo, and what better than in a backpack for Taekwondo!

    There are specifically to easily bring the breastplate and arm and leg protections, with space enough to store everything.


    The models of bags and backpacks of the firm Protec are the most demanded since their quality and functionality are exceptional.

    Today in Spain we can find three main brands of Taekwondo equipment: Protec and Adidas.

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