Judo, benefits for children

    Why is it said that Judo is the best sport of initiation? Discover Judo and its benefits for children from 4 years old and up.

    Whenever there are children at home, parents want to find the perfect activity or sport for them and Judo is considered by UNESCO as the best sport for children.

    So if you are looking for a good sport for your children, Judo may be the most appropriate. Do you already know the benefits of Judo for children?

    The benefits are multiple for anyone who practices it. However, in this post we will focus on the benefits that Judo has for children.

    Meet Judo and its benefits for children

    You probably think that Judo is a very rough sport; and that «how are you going to take your children to such a tough discipline?”

    But, the truth is that Judo is about learning to go through the «Path to flexibility and the gentle way», its philosophical principles emanate tranquility and self-control.

    If you know little about the subject, join us on this trip to learn about the benefits of Judo in children. Who knows, maybe even you will be encouraged to practice it.

    Judo, benefits for children

    Judo improves children’s self-confidence and self-esteem

    Currently, one of the main problems that afflict children and teenagers is the lack of self-confidence and low self-esteem.

    There can be many reasons, as well as the ways to approach the situation. So, it has become popular to take children to the psychologist or to different therapies.

    However, all that a child might need is in the emotional balance that Judo helps to develop.

    Every time a child knows he is capable and realizes everything he can do with discipline, his self-confidence begins to project itself while strengthening his self-esteem.

    Children who suffer bullying are the most favored, as well as hyperactive children or who need to focus their energy assertively.


    Judo helps develop self-control in children

    Have you seen Judo takedowns? The agility and skill developed by adults, youth or children in Judo is incredible. Those who practice this discipline realize the power and strength in their bodies and begin to be aware of them.

    In addition, they realize everything they can do and how to control their emotions, as well as the agility and other abilities of their bodies and minds.

    Judo generates a state of mental tranquility. In addition, it teaches its practitioners to be balanced, temperate and to go through the path to flexibility and the gentle way.

    Self-control is one of the greatest benefits for children in Judo, as it teaches them to be objective and stay focused, even in the face of provocations or complications.

    Children in Judo learn to be disciplined in their lives

    Another of the great benefits of Judo in children is the discipline that helps them develop, as they are part of a disciplined team. And it motivates them to always put their maximum effort.


    Children in Judo tend to show improvements in other areas of their lives, such as their school performance, family life; participation in household chores, among others.

    They begin to worry about attending their practices, regardless of their age, with the proper personal hygiene; and wearing a clean judogi (Judo’s uniform); because they know it is a requirement for their lesson.

    Children gradually adopt habits in their daily lives such as arriving five minutes before class, doing their utmost, being attentive, asking, being kind or living assertively; thus creating new habits of discipline.

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    Children in Judo are healthier

    Currently, children suffer higher obesity rates than years ago. The reason is simple to understand, since today’s children go out less, play less in the street and do it more in front of the computer or video games.

    Children in Judo are healthier because they keep their bodies active and their immune system strong.  That is another of the great benefits of Judo in children; the fact that they are less sickly and even happier.


    Exercise allows the release of endorphins, hormones that generate happiness and satisfaction. Therefore, after doing a physical or sports activity we feel so satisfied and happy.

    Children in Judo learn how to defend themselves if necessary

    Although Judo promotes gentleness and self-control, it is very efficient when defending oneself if necessary.

    Many children suffer physical or verbal bullying and do not know how to act to stop this situation effectively.

    With Judo, children learn to control their emotions, but also learn how to react to an attack. With both tools, both self-control and defense technique, children learn to face all kinds of unfavorable situations.

    It should be noted that the philosophy of Judo is balanced, flexible and gentle. Those were the principles of Jigoro Kano, its founder.

    Children in Judo learn the value of competing and striving

    In each training children in Judo shape their character and build their will. Also, they learn the value of competing and striving.

    Children in Judo learn the value of competing healthily, always surpassing themselves, and being their best version. In addition, they learn to break their own marks and not compare themselves to others.

    The importance of striving to the fullest is also reflected in other life areas of the children who practice Judo. It improves their competitiveness at school, their creative ability; and opens an overview of possibilities in anything they set their mind to.


    Basically, one could say that once children learn the formula effort + constancy + discipline, it is a matter of time for children and teenagers in Judo to see the outcomes of their dedication.

    Maybe they start to improve their technique and then win competitions. The most important thing is that they know they can. 

    Children in Judo become more sociable

    Being a martial art that is practiced in a group, children in Judo begin to be more sociable, to have greater awareness of others and to project confidence.

    One of the keys to being sociable is to have self-confidence, so you can be calm wherever and with anyone. If children feel good about themselves, they will project it with others.

    It is common for children to become more sociable because they are in contact with an entire group. This happens especially in a discipline like Judo, where you take down your opponent and are very close to his body or on him. Friendship and trust bonds are created during Judo training with the team. However, there is the ability to live and socialize with anyone, inside and outside the tatami.

    Do you know another benefit of Judo in children? Share it with us in the comments!

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