Lose Weight Practicing Boxing

Boxing could be considered as one of the best martial arts to lose weight and / or burn fat.

Many people choose boxing not only to exhibit the techniques in tournaments but also to lose weight, people who want to reduce fat with activities that generate a high level of activity are very common. That is why it is likely that on more than one occasion when going to a boxing training center we get someone focused on losing weight.

Even in various places this discipline is only taught with the aim of improving the physical conditions of people. The simple act of hitting the punching bags becomes an action that generates enough physical activity in the body to begin to lose weight, a product of the burning of calories generated by this type of cardiovascular exercise.

However, we must remind you that if you are willing to lose weight you should know that constant training is necessary, this will allow you to generate a habit. Boxing is undoubtedly a way to exercise dynamically and pleasantly, and truly effective if it is to lose weight and tone muscles.


In boxing workouts it is logical that the heart rate reaches high levels of acceleration. That is to say, that when executing the exercises will burn an important amount of calorie. This type of martial art makes significant contributions in the respiratory and cardiovascular system .

Boxing is generally seen as the ideal exercise to burn the accumulated fat in the body, as a result of an underactive life and poor diet. That is why this sport can be an excellent way to develop healthy habits to achieve good fitness and drain anxiety and stress processes. In addition to learning useful techniques such as bumps and blocks.


For both sexes the training of boxing to lose weight is ideal, everything will depend on the need of each person.a.
In general, both men and women can exercise to lose weight through boxing training that allows to develop a coordinated activity between arms and legs; This is because in boxing there are some peculiar movements or steps that allow you to always be in a constant “swinging” (forward and backward) accompanied by short jumps and permanent knee flexions.
For women it is excellent because it helps define hips, men also favor this type of exercise since trunk torsions generate a greater degree of flexibility.


There are three basic punches or fist throws that help maintain a good boxing technique, and that regardless of whether or not your goal is to lose weight you should know them:

  • Direct blows: the practitioner must adopt a position of defense that involves having the arms flexed to protect the face and throw the fist in a straight line, keeping the elbows close to the body, and immediately return to the initial position of the line (collected).
  • Crochets blows: to make this blow you must throw your fist making a semicircular movement with the aim of hitting the area of ​​the head or on the sides of the body.
  • Hook-style strokes: these attacks go from top to bottom, that is, vertically. These should be executed flexion of the knees and later to its stretching which generates an impulse.


You could not define exactly how much a person can lose weight when training boxing. However, you can reach an approximation of how many calories and fat you can eliminate in a 45-minute boxing session, which ranges between 400 and 600 calories. However, this will depend on the context of the person and the physical conditions, as well as the intensity of training.


Most trainers recommend not doing less than two practices a week, in this way a good training pace is maintained. The sessions are recommended to last between 30 and 45 minutes, in this way the person will gradually lose weight and in turn allowing the development of the muscles, in addition to providing a greater level of flexibility and ability.

The main effort of boxing, and it is important to be clear, is cardiovascular work, which is to generate sweating; Enough to burn calories.

  • Do not forget to warm up before you start training, this is very important because it will allow the muscles to gradually adapt to the demand for physical activity that will come later. Usually, I recommend a few minutes of cardio between 10 and 15 min, you can do some races, bike or stretching. Above all you should focus on exercises designed to prepare the muscles of the arm, in this case you can implement abdominals. 
  • After the warm-up you can try doing some blows (like the three already explained), one minute of each; try to rest a few seconds between each series. You can also observe how your body reacts and accordingly increase the intensity, making series where you increase the pace more and more until you reach the minute in each series. However, if you are starting we recommend that you throw your fists in the air so that you are balancing the technique and when you feel safe or secure you can increase the intensity by hitting the punching bag, this exercise allows you to burn many calories and therefore lose weights. 
  • When you achieve a higher level you can try to do some minutes of boxing combat with a partner, this will make the process of slimming something much more entertaining and an experience close to reality. Also, if you wish, you can choose to do so individually.

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