You may not know the entire history of the Taekwondo Dobok, so in this article we will tell you about its origin, history and the different types you can find. We will also tell you where you can buy the Taekwondo Dobok today, and at infarct prices to practice your favorite martial art.


Dobok is the uniform used to practice Korean martial arts. Its name comes from Do “the path of life” and bok “training clothes.”

Dobok is simply a jacket and pants. The jacket can be opened by its center or closed (depends on martial art), but usually, jacket and pants are baggy. The jacket is placed outside the pants.

The jacket is quite interesting, because it usually embroiders the flag of South Korea and the federation logo (both at chest level and each one on one side). In some martial arts, the name of the martial art or some representative phrase is usually embroidered on the back. On the sleeves, the flag of the country where martial art is practiced or other insignia.

one asian man is playing with taekwondo

The traditional colors of the dobok are black and white. However, in some types of martial arts (such as Hap Ki Do and some specialties of Taekwondo) the dobok has been seen in brown, red, blue, gold and a long etcetera.

The dobok is complemented by a “ti” belt in Korean, as is the case with Dobok of Taekwondo. This belt is responsible for holding the jacket and also determines the degree or level of the practitioner. The colors of the belt are usually from lesser to greater degree the following: white, yellow, orange, green, blue, red, brown or black (in some martial arts or federations not all colors are present). Usually each belt is one color, but there can be two colors.

The student must reach a black belt to be considered to have a basic knowledge in martial arts. And it is that within black there is a scale of dans, from the first to the ninth.


Taekwondo Dobok are 3 garments: pants, jacket and belt. The pants and the jacket or upper part are white. Taekwondo Dobok is white because it symbolizes the purity of martial art. The suit denotes purity and peace.

As for the jacket, it has two sides. Left side called “Yanggi” that represents mind and the right side “Umgi” that represents strength.

It is said that the pants symbolize the earth, the jacket symbolizes the heaven and the belt represents the man.

There are variations in the colors of the Dobok in the Poomsaes competitions, in which, the teachers usually wear a Dobok with the golden jacket (Master) and the black pants, and the competitors can wear the integral white Dobok, or red pants ( girls) white jacket, black or blue pants (boys) and white jacket, etc.


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The karate girl in white kimono and black belt training karate over gray background.

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Dobok care is important for everything it represents. Cleanliness and care are vital for its good preservation and to offer a good image when you are training or competing. It is important that you follow these recommendations:

  • You must attend each class with the Dobok clean, ironed and folded.
  • Wash the Dobok after each practice.

It is important that you follow these tips not only for the best conservation of the Dobok, but also to show it as it deserves.

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