The practice of Taekwondo in old age can be something really beneficial.

    The practice of Taekwondo in old age can be something really beneficial.

    The path to a good quality of life revolves around habits that generate psychological and physical stability in the individual.

    The practice of Taekwondo in old age can be something really beneficial.

    That is why the practice of martial arts manages to balance between these two elements. The practice of a martial art in older adults undoubtedly contributes to generate a better standard of living, where you can enjoy good health and prevent any physical and mental condition.
    Taekwondo, Korean martial art with more than two thousand years old, has been practiced by any age classification and therefore can be executed in different intensities. If the practitioner is an older adult but has always worked within the world of martial arts, he will have numerous advantages; However, years of experience are not limiting if wanting to learn is about.


    Taekwondo represents a very good option for the elderly, as it allows them to be physically reactivated and fully functional lifelong learning for self-defense. At the beginning of the training it can be difficult for the person, however, little by little you will notice that the body can get used to the movements and techniques.

    What changes do an older person face at the time of aging?

    The modifications and alterations through which an older adult passes are evidenced in the physical and psychological. These changes are irrevocable and gradual, however the impact of aging can be graded through physical activity.
    We must understand that from a biological point of view, aging is the consequence of a long process of accumulation of «molecular and cellular damage», which leads to a gradual deterioration of physical and mental abilities, which leads to possible diseases and ultimately death. as part of the life cycle. However, the effects of aging can be delayed depending on the person’s care for himself (eating healthy, exercising and strengthening cognitive faculties).
    Also remember that these changes are not linear, that is, it is quite relative according to the person and their genetic predisposition. There are, for example, some septuagenarians who fully enjoy their good health conditions, allowing them to develop in daily life with total normality while others, of even less age, present much more fragile conditions.

    Importance of Taekwondo practice in older adults

    This martial art helps to preserve and / or improve physical condition, mental state and especially blood pressure levels. It also helps to invigorate muscles and tendons, generating favorable results in locomotion, and cardiovascular dynamics. In addition, it causes positive effects on balance. As for the mental state, it increases confidence in the person, also improving concentration and practice habits.
    The constant practice of taekwondo is a way to build a healthy and active lifestyle, very important elements at the time of aging, because of this many older adults begin to practice this sport and develop in this martial art in order to take care of their body and prolong life expectancy.


    Thus contributing to leave sedentary life behind, improving breathing and especially body postures. Therefore, the older adult who practices this discipline will be able to reach a state of satisfaction, as far as mood is concerned as long as it generates a routine that is constant enough not to lose the benefits offered by taekwondo.
    The more the person progresses through practice, he will notice that thanks to Taekwondo he will increase the levels of coordination, speed, flexibility, concentration and his self-assessment. Several studies claim that the practice of both Taekwondo and any other martial art in the elderly contributes to improving physical endurance and even combats depression.
    It also promotes self-defense, leaving aside aggression and violence, and in its philosophy the principle of respect for other people is strongly rooted.
    It is necessary for the person to enjoy the learning process, and each objective set, to create discipline and habits that help in everyday life.

    Taekwondo teaching programs for the elderly

    Europe is at the forefront in the development and application of taekwondo teaching programs to senior citizens, the type of training conducted in sports clubs where the practice of this martial art takes place seeks the: development of flexibility, memory, balance, concentration, control and self-control, adequate breathing, use of force and self-esteem.
    Violent exercises are not carried out within the program, since it is trained gently until the same

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