Jackie Chan

    In these times, who does not know Jackie Chan, master and martial arts actor? He is one of the best known martial artists in the world for his great skill.

    Jackie Chan, biography of a master and martial arts actor

    It can be said that his charisma, discipline and vision for business have taken him to the place he occupies today, as a producer, comedian, acrobat, master and martial arts actor.

    Did you know that Jackie has always performed all the dangerous scenes of his films? He is one of the few actors that do not require stunt doubles. All those incredible shots of action and acrobatics he has done so himself.

    Discover Jackie Chan’s biography, master and martial arts actor

    We usually think of Jackie Chan as a master and martial arts actor, but we know little about his life before the movies. Do you want to know how his childhood was? How did he become a great acrobat and actor? And what motivated him to create a style that set him apart from Bruce Lee?

    Jackie Chan childhood and adolescence

    Jackie was born on April 7, 1954 in Hong Kong; his real name is Chan Kong-sang, son of immigrant parents from Yantai, China.

    Jackie Chan, biography of a master and martial arts actor

    When Chan was barely seven years old, his parents received an offer to work at the US embassy in Australia. It was the reason why his parents decided to enroll him in the theatre group of Peking Opera. And since then, it would change the life of Chan Kong-sang, who was destined to become Jackie Chan master and actor of martial arts, debuting in cinema at the age of eight in «Big and Little Wong Tin Bar» in 1962.


    The arduous and strict training to which Chan was subjected for ten years, allowed him to develop his skills as a great acrobat, actor, stunt double, comedian, singer, dancer and martial artist.

    His training was never exclusive to martial arts; that’s why he is known as an integral artist, because he improved his histrionic qualities until he got his big break on the silver screen.

    Jackie Chan makes his silver screen debut

    It is said that one day, talent recruiters arrived at the Peking Opera, where Chan was one of the selected. There he began his story as a body double on the silver screen.

    Jackie Chan, biography of a master and martial arts actor

    Before his 20th birthday, Jackie Chan had already participated in at least 25 films, where he played stunt double in action and danger scenes.

    He even participated in «Fist of Fury» and «Enter the Dragon» along with Bruce Lee, where he played young people attacking Lee. After Bruce’s sudden death, Chan decided that it was time to leave the shadow of the king of Kung Fu and create his own legacy.

    Jackie Chan creates his own fighting style

    The death of Bruce Lee left a great emptiness to fill in martial arts films. For some time, there was Lee’s constant imitation, without characters with their own style.

    Jackie Chan, biography of a master and martial arts actor

    It was then that Jackie decided that he did not want to be known for imitating Bruce Lee, but that he would have his own style and that it would be funny. While Lee always showed himself as an indomitable furious dragon, Jackie would be the opposite of him, he would be a comedian. Thus, a new film genre was born, the martial arts comedy movies.

    «The hero was dead, but the clown was born».

    Jackie Chan became an international phenomenon

    After the death of the king of Kung Fu, the audience was already accustomed to seeing Asian men fighting on screens around the world, although not for that reason, inclusion in the cinema for Jackie Chan was easier. However, he made his way creating a more ostentatious and acrobatic fighting style, in which he played to improvise with the objects that surrounded him.

    Thus, Jackie’s characters captivated the audience by the incredible acrobatic sequences that he included in his scenes, in films like «Drunken master» or «Snake Eagle’s Shadow».


    In addition, he was acclaimed by all kinds of audiences, as his films are suitable for the whole family, without containing sex or abrupt action scenes. The comedian, the hero by accident, the clown, the humble and smiling short man, won the hearts of millions of fans around the world.

    Jackie Chan doesn’t use stunt doubles, he is always facing danger

    Another factor that sent Chan to stardom is that his fans know that he does not use stunt doubles, since all the scenes of great danger are really performed by the starring. Therefore, he always has his fans in suspense when they know that some movie is being filmed, because both he and some character in his cast could really get hurt.

    Jackie Chan is probably one of the celebrities who have had more accidents and lived to tell them. He has suffered multiple falls, wounds, fractures, dislocations and all kinds of injuries during his films. He even fractured his brain many years ago when jumping from one tree to another.

    Did you know that Chan is a teacher of stunt doubles? That’s right. He even has his own stunt doubles’ company, where he also rents professional cameras.


    Jackie Chan philosophy and philanthropy

    In addition to being known for being a master and martial arts actor, Jackie Chan also successfully works as a producer of his own films.
    He is recognized for his great perfectionism and passion when creating a project:

    «My projects require great planning and a bit of luck».

    But, Chan doesn’t just think about his work. He is a prominent philanthropist, founded his own charitable organization and awards large sums of money to charity every year for people around the world. He is even a UNICEF ambassador.

    Jackie Chan, biography of a master and martial arts actor

    Curiosities about Jackie Chan, master and martial arts actor

    • During his early youth, he participated in a couple of porno films.
    • He was awarded an Honorable Mention with a Lifetime Achievement Award, given by MTV in 1995.
    • He has been a vegetarian since 1998.
    • He has two children from different relationships.
    • He performed the voice of Master monkey character from the movie Kung Fu Panda in 2008.
    • He has a line of Jackie Chan products, such as clothing, accessories, watches and even a stunt doubles agency.
    • He has participated in at least 100 movies.

    He is producer of the pop band JJCC. Are you inspired by the Jackie Chan biography? Do you know any other curiosity about this master and martial arts actor? Please let us know!

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