Undoubtedly, one of the concerns of all martial arts and contact sports practitioners is the care of equipment such as gloves and mitts (in boxing, taekwondo, karate, etc.)

    How to Keep Boxing Gloves Clean and Care

    Gloves cause excessive sweat on hands due to their composition. Remember that, depending on the ounces, they will have more or less foam and you also have to take into account the glove’s material (natural skin, artificial skin, etc.).

    This excess moisture in gloves is not good, since if we do not remove it or at least minimize it, it will end up spoiling the gloves and generating a bad smell, etc.

    How to prevent bad smell in gloves and excess moisture

    Remember to always use bandages. Wearing bandages is vital to prevent injuries to hands and wrists. But, they also fulfill the secondary function of absorbing great amount of sweat that, without the use of bandages, could remain in the glove. 

    Bandages must be kept clean at all times. The ideal thing would be to have at least two pairs of them, so that you let air dry or wash a pair and always have another ready.

    Wash your hands before using boxing gloves. It is common sense. The cleaner your hands are, the less you will pass odors on to the boxing glove, MMA mitt, etc.

    Use absorbent paper inside the gloves such as newspaper or kitchen paper (it is not advisable to use toilet paper or Kleenex because being too thin would leave traces inside the boxing glove). After training, you should insert newspaper sheets into gloves or paper towels and it will absorb a lot of moisture in the glove.

    One of the best tricks is to introduce a handful of raw rice into each glove. Rice is one of the elements that absorbs more moisture and faster, it is also easy to find and very cheap. Try it and you will be surprised.

    How to Keep Boxing Gloves Clean and Care

    What you should not do with your boxing gloves

    Don’t think of exposing them to a direct heat source such as radiators or heaters. Do not use the hair dryer either, since the foam layers from which the gloves are made will be damaged and lose their properties (impact absorption, resilience, etc.)

    You should not leave them stored after training (and less with dirty clothes). You should at least let them air. Open them as much as possible so that the air can enter.

    You should not let them dry in the sun either.

    Don’t think of putting them in the washing machine, as you will damage the inner foam of your boxing gloves.

     General care for boxing gloves

    The outer part of the glove will wear out more or less depending on how much you use them, the force with which you hit (in bag training) and the gloves’ material (the natural skin requires more care, but it is more «grateful» to them than artificial skin, etc.).

    Occasionally, wipe them down with a wet cloth on their outside and also on their inside. Once clean, apply a little talcum powder inside the glove. It will give softness to the glove, good smell and also dry.

    Currently, there are anti-moisture and anti-bacterial products for protections, helmets and gloves.

    In the case of natural leather gloves, it is advisable to hydrate them with skin lotion. If you do not have any specific, you can apply Nivea or Vaseline (do not overdo it either …) Spread it well with a clean cloth.


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